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Capricorn Compatibility: The Goat in Relationships

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January 9th — zodiac sign If your birthday is on January 9 your zodiac sign is Capricorn. Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply. As times go by, they learn where to seek self-respect and choose partners who are more suitable for their primal nature, searching for someone to blend into one with. They will never settle for less than their dreamland pushes them towards, and fall in love rarely and with people who are there to help them build their own world up.

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  7. Artistic and deep, those born on January 9th are philosophers of sorts, great psychologists, life coaches, and past life regression therapists. They will never take an easy way out, not even when under a strong influence of Neptune, and need to find grounding and a self-image that is completely clear and true.

    Their focus must be set onto one specific point and they love to dig in, metaphorically and physically, this making them excellent scientists, physicists, archaeologists, and paleontologists. The perfect stone for those born on January 9th is golden or gold sheen obsidian, a stone for illumination and enlightenment.

    Birthday Horoscope January 9th

    This is a crystal that helps one increase self-control, and it is used for breaking habits and understanding the underlying causes and needs that are driving habitual behaviors and addictions. The best gift for someone born on January 9th is a tool to help them dig through their personality.

    Sabian Symbol

    They are a true gold-digger and often need support in their attempts to recognize their own potential and ways to heal other people. Their gift should help them regenerate, teach them who they are, or be a monument to the personality they are trying to build. Give them a suitable gemstone, a plant with healing properties, or a book on influential psychologists. Whatever you choose, be sure It has a rich background story to it and be as honest as possible in your choice. Deep, influential individuals filled with incredible energy and faith in their life's direction. They are dreamers with a true cause, those who can work side by side with nature and heal themselves, and others, through all unusual methods.

    Depressive and sad, sometimes turned to self-pity instead of their inner search for forgiveness.